About Anny

Workshop for Photographers

My love for photography began on the mission field in 2008. I saw stories in photos, through the smiles of children, through historic architecture, and my eyes were opened to this great art of photography. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to start this journey and aimed to always be a photographer who gave back and poured into others, as much as this gift of photography has blessed me.

Years passed and after getting married to the love of my life and adopting two beautiful little girls from China, I was at a cross roads between my career and my family. After much reflection and prayer, I started to make small changes in my business – what I was shooting, how many jobs I would take, what I was saying yes (and NO) to, being intentional about continued learning, and the list goes on. And my razor sharp focus on meaningful relationships in my business, art, and family started to come full circle.

Through this time of reflection, I wanted to share with photographers my journey, so that they can learn strategies to balance work and life, while producing meaningful work and running a successful business.

It is with this heart that I introduce to you the Chasing Light Workshop. The term, “chasing light” refers to learning about light, the most important aspect of photography and being a light, who you are in terms of business and identity.

If you are able to hone in on your craft and business sense earlier in your career, you will be able to spend more time doing what you love and cultivate your career with direction and passion! My hope is that you will come away equipped to take your business to the next level and be refreshed in your heart to be who you were created to be.